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The Douglas Company of Bell Ringers at St George’s

St George’s Church proudly posess the only ring of 12 English style full circle bells on the Isle of Man.  They are also the largest ring of bells on the island.

Church bell ringing is the ultimate team activity, and is an enjoyable and satisfying activity for all ages.

The St George’s ringers are a sociable group of people, who would love to introduce you to this unique art, that is practiced world wide.  Once you become a bell ringer, you have friends throughout the UK and beyond.

Anyone can learn ringing.  The entry qualifications are you have to be able to reach your hands above your head, and be able to count up to six.

The band is lead by an ringer of 40 years experience of teaching (who is currently the secretary of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers).    We ring for Sunday service at St George’s at 10.00am, and usually practice on a Tuesday evening (often followed by refreshments somewhere else).

Anyone is welcome to come and see what goes on up the tower. Come and see us on a Sunday morning, or Tuesday evening.  If you one to know more, talk to one of the ringers in church (Ernie, Bruce, Chris or Bethany), or phone or email (details below).

To contact the St George’s ringers:


Phone: 07624 329556

Details of the Bells, from Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers