Planning Your Wedding at St George’s

Welcome! We are very glad that you want to be married in St George’s. This page will help you to work with us to plan your Wedding at St George’s!

We recognise that this is a very important day for you and we will do all that we can to help make it a very special occasion!

St George’s is the oldest church building in Douglas – but we also have the most modern facilities! Those who walk in to the church for the first time are amazed at how beautiful it is, and a recent refurbishment is now showing it at its best.

Although St George’s is a particularly beautiful and historic building we are very aware that we are more than just a wedding venue. In the marriage service you will be making your vows before God. As a Christian community it is our privilege to support you and pray for you throughout the process of preparing for your wedding, on the day itself and beyond, as it is our hope that we can help you to build strong foundations for your marriage.

How do I enquire and book a wedding?

If you haven’t already done so, please either come to church and ask to speak to one of the clergy or get in touch with us

What happens next?

We begin the process by pencilling in a date and to make the various choices needed to make your wedding the most wonderful it can possibly be!

What forms do I need to fill in?

  • We will arrange to to meet with you and advise you about the legal formalities for your wedding. We will also begin the process of making the various choices needed to make your wedding the most wonderful it can possibly be!
  • In order for us to hold a date for you, you will need to complete the wedding application form, which is the legal form called a “Banns of Marriage Application Form”, and is available here – this form contains the information we will need to complete the Marriage Registers on the day.

DON’T PANIC! We will talk you through everything, including the means by which you qualify for a wedding in St George’s.

Do you marry divorcees or same sex couples?

We do marry divorcees but do please speak to the Vicar about this as soon as possible. Sadly, Anglican Church Law does not allow us to officiate at the wedding of same sex couples, but we would be privileged to pray with you.

What details do you need?

In due course, as your plans take shape, we will also need you to complete the “Your Wedding Details” form available here.

Each February we hold a Wedding Day when we invite all of our couples to lunch, and help you to complete this form – unless you already know EXACTLY what you want, of course!

What about music and readings?

We have a majestic church organ, with a very accomplished organist, and sophisticated sound desk. We can provide live music, or live stream music of your choice, whether or not ‘traditional’ wedding music is to your taste. See “Music for your wedding at St George’s” available here.

You will need to have at least one reading from the Bible – so there’s another note on some possible Bible Readings, available here, which explains about any other readings or poems you might want to have as well.

What will it cost?

Please note that prices are only valid for 12 months, from January to December of each year, and may go up slightly each year. This list consists of both the legal fees and the local charges, and it is available upon request. We would not want the cost of a wedding to be a deciding factor so please do speak to the Vicar if you are unable to meet the costs to see if there is anything we can do.

What other information might I need?

Further information to help you plan your wedding, whether you are well ahead in your planning or just thinking about where to start, is avialable on the Church of England wedding site. This has lots of really helpful information.

However, please note that the legal formalities here on the Isle of Man do differ from those in the UK. Our Vicar will be very happy to guide you through the legal process.

The Joy of Marriage

We believe that marriage is a gift from God and that a good marriage is healthy, liberating and life giving. It is our desire at St George and All Saints to support you in every way that we can. May God bless and guide you both as you make your plans for your marriage.

With my prayerful best wishes that all the preparation for Your Wedding, the Wedding Day
and your married life will be a joy and a blessing,

The Venerable Andrew Brown
Vicar of St George and All Saints Douglas & Archdeacon of Man

Our Pioneer Curate Alex with one of our wonderful wedding families!