Notices 25th July

My dear Friends,
I have pleasure in attaching the e Notice Sheet for this weekend, along with Compline this evening.
There is only one service this Sunday:
Sunday 25th July, 2021: St James the Apostle: Holy Communion & Andie’s Final Service. There will be refreshments after the service (I don’t know what, but assorted drinks, and a buffet I think). You are all very welcome indeed. Although there is always some fuss when a Vicar leaves a parish, the service will focus, as I hope it always does, on Jesus.
NB NO EVENING SERVICE as announced over the past few weeks.
Next week, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening with the Notice Sheet, but normal service will be resumed the week after as Mrs Sam Derbyshire, our PCC Secretary takes over the Parish Office. 
The Service rota is completed until December, the readings rooters are on their way. This is my last e-notice. Thank you for reading. Hope to see you on Sunday to say a proper farewell.
With my best wishes,